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About Our Team.

Leisure Carry is a small business.  If we were a team, we would be a ping pong team.

I'll fire off a few fun personal facts about me: I'm Ron. I grew up in Europe, where my parents were missionaries who trained pastors. I've visited over 30 countries. I was fluent in Hungarian. I prefer ski trips to beach trips. I prefer Indian food to Thai food. Between a dog and a cat, I choose both. I like camping and Jeeps. Big men who drive expensive little cars confuse me. Where do they keep their tools? I probably haven't seen your favorite movie and probably won't watch it. I like challenges and competition. PC Gaming, organic food, working out, and coffee.

clip on belt with sidecar holster on a pair of shorts

About the C.O.B.

The Clip On Belt works by using a tough but flexible piece of USA made Biothane with two USA made Ulti-Clips on either side to grip on to your waistband and support your gun. This keeps your waistband from sagging and provides the resistance needed to maintain the draw that you are familiar with. It is the only option on the market that is designed specifically for carrying inside your drawstring waistband (IWB) with your regular holster and requiring no modifications to your gear. 

How does it compare to a belt?

It's easy to conceal carry when you're wearing jeans and a belt but what about all the other scenarios that come up in everyday life? You don't always want or have the option to wear belt loops but you should always have the option to stay well protected.

  • Running errands after going to the gym

  • Fishing on the lake

  • Walking on the beach with your sun shirt on because you didn't shake up your spray on sunscreen enough on day one of the vacation

  • Rocking those glute-popping, $149 Lululemon joggers out to brunch with the gals 

  • When you're wearing both long underwear and sweatpants at a campfire because your brother-in-law talked you into camping in December

  • You bought a track suit for Halloween to look like Tony Soprano but secretly just wanted an excuse to wear a dope track suit

clip on belt inside waistband with holster and g48
woman wearing a clip on belt inside drawstring waistband

Why not use a belly band?

Reason 1: I wanted a secure and comfortable way to carry concealed, and wrapping a 4 inch wide elastic band around my belly is pretty much the complete opposite of 'comfortable'.

Reason 2: It never seemed very secure to ditch my normal holster with the consistent retention that I can count on and the draw I'm familiar with performing.

How did you come up with the C.O.B?

I like to spend my free time outside. Setting up a hammock and relaxing by a lake; strolling around the center of my little town; and dining al fresco when it's possible.

Living in Georgia, anything I choose to wear is essentially just choosing what I'm going to sweat through. The materials used in shorts and pants with belt loops are typically not the most breathable in hot and muggy conditions. It becomes considerably less pleasant when a belt and block of plastic become involved.

playing pickleball with a clip on belt and sig p365xl
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